About My Little Finger Prints

My Little Finger Prints was born because finding affordable, quality, personalised, speciality items was difficult with a limited budget. We were a new family who wanted the opportunity to celebrate the milestones that we were achieving, without the price tag that accompanies them. Whether it is the birth of a child, a wedding, graduation, a milestone celebration or congratulations we wanted a way that we could celebrate the little things that leave little prints on our life.

Our Little Fingerprinters, Miss T and Miss E, are our driving passion behind our business. Spending more time with them, involving them in the business and teaching them the many different skills that will help them as they grow up.

At My Little Finger Prints, we believe that it is important to be part of the greater community.  It is for this reason that we proudly supply and support the businesses of others. You will find throughout our pages the links and products of other family-owned businesses we trust and can highly recommend.

We hope that we can help you celebrate your life’s special moments by creating items and products that leave a little fingerprint on your heart.

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 We are currently building a list of other family-owned and independent small businesses that we use and trust. Keep up to date and subscribe to My Little Finger Prints to know when this is launched!

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